Monday, June 29, 2015

Super Mario

The Mexican 3D artists Aryok Piñera for months working on his fan-remake of the classic video game Super Mario: with hochausflösenden liquid animated characters and hyper-realistic game worlds. The game is far from finished.

Nevertheless, in order to present his progress, Piñera has the famous plumber unceremoniously shipped off to some photorealistic environments of game development technology Unreal Engine 4 and creates a YouTube video.

And this video has become a hit. About a million times it was accessed within two days. No wonder: This detailed the game world of video game plumber Super Mario has never been seen. Mario jumps through dark dungeons, space stations and high-rise lofts, collects a few shiny coins and schliddert over lava flows and channel residues. These play a funky remix of Super Mario soundtracks and the original Mario sounds of yesteryear. Once it even goes into a replica in the Unreal engine Mario 3D world with high resolution comic appearance.
Clear: The video is conspicuous by its excellent graphics. But that should have Piñera not half interested. He proudly presents rather the bouncing, Duck- and impact movements that he taught his glossy reproduction: quite like the real thing, just a little bit crisper and brighter.

One must Piñera now just keep our fingers crossed:-like remakes went Super Mario Nintendo developers to the collar. This is likely to be not only to the copyright and trademark sensitivities of the company, but may have something to do with the Erwartungsmanagament the Super Mario fans: Nintendo uses its own graphics engine - which by no means with the yet very own hyperrealism of the Unreal Engine is comparable.